Countertops and interior equipment

kitchen countertops

More than just a surface to work on

When choosing a countertop, not only are practicality and ease of maintenance important, due to the daily stresses and damage to which it is subjected when cutting, preparing and cooking. It is also an important design element that plays a fundamental role in determining the character of a kitchen, based on its material and thickness.


In control of the situation

With shooters, without shooters or even with Tip-On? Handles have a great effect, as they change the look and style of a kitchen in no time.


Practical, beautiful and organized

The interior elements make the kitchen special: thanks to the special accessories for drawers and removables, as well as the high cabinets, each plate and each utensil has its proper place. In this way, you will always find everything you need very quickly. Because if everything has its own place in the kitchen, cooking is much easier.


Lighting creates an atmosphere

A bright light to work where it is needed or a ambient light at night: whatever the needs, lighting has an essential effect on the feeling of well-being in the kitchen.

Lighting that can do more, providing direct light for work or indirect ambient lighting. That it swings freely above the countertop or that it is incorporated and hidden inside cabinets, hollows or grip shelves. It all depends on what you want and the stay itself.

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